Tran(s)missions 3rd Edition. Winter School

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Tran(s)missions 3rd Edition. Winter School
TRAN(S)MISSIONS | how multimediality shapes interdisciplinary research
in the field of Italian and Visual Culture Studies 3rd edition. Winter School

10-15 January 2023, Università degli Studi di Roma Tre
in collaboration with University College London

The Winter School explores the meaning of interdisciplinarity and multimediality using a synergistic approach that combines different methodologies coming from the field of Italian Studies, Digital Humanities, studies on digital cultures and research methods focused on the materiality of the object.

The call to participate in the Winter School is open to students and researchers, artists, curators, library science specialists, engineers, technicians-archivists who conduct interdisciplinary studies in the field of Italian and Cultural Studies, opening their perspectives of investigation to the relationship between word and image, visual culture, media studies, material culture studies, film studies, digital storytelling, creative writing, digital and public humanities, visual arts, art history, history, and computer science. A good knowledge of English is desirable.

For information visit the Winter School website:
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