Energy Politics after the War in Ukraine

The seminar is linked to the History and Politics of Energy class by Prof. Giuliano Garavini.
In order to be credited 2 CFU, participants need to attende very session and write a final essay (1000 words maximum) on one of the six topics discussed in class.
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Friday, November 10th h. 17.00 Aula 20
European Energy: Transition vs. Security

Dag Harald Claes, University of Oslo

Wednesday, November 15th h. 17.00 Aula 19
The International Oil Market Before and After the War in Ukraine: De-Globalization and the Prospects for OPEC+

Rafael Ramirez, Former Petroleum Minister of Venezuela and CEO of PDVSA

Wednesday, November 22nd h. 17.00 Aula 19
Changes in the European Gas Market. What’s Next?

Chakib Kalil, Former Energy and Natural Resources Minister of Algeria

Wednesday, November 29th h. 17.00 Aula 19
Key Lessons Fifty Years After the 1973 Oil Shock

Majid Al Moneef, Former OPEC Governor for Saudi Arabia and President of the Saudi Economic Association

Tuesday, December 5th h. 17.00 Aula 20
Climate Change and the Birth of War Ecology

Pierre Charbonnier, CNRS, Sciences Po

Tuesday, December 12th h. 17.00 Aula 20
The Geopolitics of Decarbonization: The Struggle for Renewable Technologies and Critical Minerals

Tim Sahay, Senior Policy Manager at the Green New Deal Network

Seminar sessions will be held in English and last 2 hours

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