Profilo scientifico


Settore scientifico disciplinare: L-FIL-LET/10 (Letteratura italiana)
Studio: stanza 127 dell’area di Italianistica, via Ostiense 234, 00144 ROMA


Luca Marcozzi is Associate Professor of Italian Literature in Roma Tre University. He earned his MA at Sapienza (1993), a degree in Library Sciences at the Vatican Library (1997) and his PhD at Roma Tre (2000). His research focuses on the classical legacy in Italian literature, in terms of rhetoric, use of mythology, poetics. Among his books and essays, Petrarca lettore di Ovidio (2001), La biblioteca di Febo (2002), Petrarca platonico (2011), the critical edition with translation and commentary of the Fabulae centum (1564) by G. Faerno (2006), the entry The making of Canzoniere in the Cambridge Companion to Petrarch (2015). He edited a Lessico critico petrarchesco (2015) and authored with Francisco Rico the entry Petrarca, Francesco for the Dizionario Biografico degli Italiani 2015 (then in I venerdì del Petrarca, with the same Rico, 2016, awarded with the De Sanctis prize). He published several essays on Dante’s lyric poetry and Comedy, focusing on rhetoric (he edited the volume Dante e la retorica, 2017), relationship with the classics, figurative commentaries (with the commentary on the late fifteenth century Antonio Grifo’s illustrations to the Divine comedy, 2015); his Dante e il mondo animale (edited with G. Crimi, 2013) won the Lombroso Prize. More recently, he focused on Renaissance literature, namely on Pietro Bembo and his cultural profile (Bembo, 2017). He is the co-director of the journal “Petrarchesca” and of the series “Dulces musae”. In 2013 he taught in the PhD courses at the Notre Dame University as a Fulbright Distinguished Chair.

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